A Key To Understanding Your Current Mood, Based On This Picture Of Andrew WK, Matt and Kim, And Soulja Boy


Here is a photo of party-god Andrew WK, Siren alums Matt & Kim, and Soulja Boy, taken in honor of the four of them collaborating on the sneaker-company-sponsored track “I’m A Goner.” (The video has a zombies-uprising-in-the-morgue theme, which is why Soulja Boy looks like he just got Encino Manned and didn’t brush off all the ice chippings. (R.I.P. Brendan Fraser’s acting career.)) But it raises more questions. What did they talk about? Did Matt feel uncomfortable that Kim was in a WK-Soulja sandwich? Did Soulja worry that Kim might break his surprisingly small chain? You may have others. After the jump, we’ve created a key to understanding your mood based on what you first noticed when you looked at this photo. Consider it a pop-culture Rorschach test.

If you first noticed Andrew WK’s bloody t-shirt:
You’re thinking about having a rare steak for lunch

If you first noticed WK’s side-eye:
You’re thinking that he’s thinking this picture is just as weird a composition as you think it is

If you first noticed Soulja Boy’s face decorations:
You’re thinking it’s time to revisit the 1995 classic Batman Forever, where Debi Mazar and Drew Barrymore also had encrusted faces

If you first noticed Soulja’s face decorations and didn’t immediately think of Val Kilmer’s attempt to play Batman:
You’re probably thinking about Rebecca Romijn as Mystique, and how you have better taste in movies than I do (although to be honest, I can recall that movie so well because I owned the soundtrack—that Bone Thugs song was a jam)

If you first noticed Matt looking uncomfortable:
You are thinking about how looking at this photo makes you uncomfortable

If you first noticed Kim’s smeared eye makeup:
You’re thinking about Maura’s review of the Ke$ha show at Jones Beach

If you first noticed Andrew WK’s greasy hair:
You worried because you didn’t get up on time this morning to shower before work, and how only WK can pull this look off, because let’s be honest: He parties harder than you

If you first noticed Kim wearing Soulja’s chain, and that it wasn’t a Lamborghini chain:
You are thinking about rappers’ chains too much. (More on this later in the week.)