Did a ‘Crazy Naked Man’ Pull the Emergency Brake on the F Train at 4th Avenue Today?


So, this happened this morning:

Mondays! But, who was it? What exactly happened? One tipster tells us that it wasn’t just your garden-variety emergency-brake pulling, though she does warn, this is all hearsay:

A woman came into my car yelling about how this naked man got on the train, took off his pants (he already was shirtless/shoeless), and was scraping at the bottom of his feet while yelling. A minute after she said this someone pulled the emergency brake while we were just about to emerge at the 4th Ave. stop. I assume it was either the crazy naked man or someone who got freaked out by him. We were stuck for a good 15 minutes waiting. I never saw the man, and it was just hearsay.

Perhaps the naked man thought the emergency brake was a pants dispenser?

Kevin Ortiz of the MTA tells us that while the emergency-brake-pulling did happen (a train went into brakes in emergency), the cause is undetermined, and there is “no word there was a ‘crazy naked man’ on board.”

If there was, we are sure to see it on YouTube (if you were there, get in touch!). FYI: Everything is “back to normal” on the F, Ortiz says.