Ryan Gosling Is Busting Crimes on the Streets of New York City


Ryan Gosling, you win August in New York City. For 1) being Ryan Gosling, and 2) being in New York City in August, and, 3) my, you are handsome, aren’t you? and 4) for breaking up a fight, or acting very convincingly in a part in which you are breaking up a fight, in Astor Place recently. Two ladies got it on camera, to their great, great, great satisfaction.

And therein, it is proved: Celebrities ARE just like us, except braver, more justice-oriented, more buff, better at sporting baseball caps, and more like Ryan Gosling. That is why we justify the paying of the big bucks to them, and why we squeal like little lost lambs in their presence. And this is why we live in New York City, so that sometimes, unexpectedly, we may breathe the same air that they do and witness them do fine things like the above, even if merely as an appetizer for seeing it on the big screen. We like appetizers!

Ryan Gosling, OMG. Also, who’s the fellow with the umbrella in the mandals? Also, next time you are around Astor Place: CALL US.

Watch Ryan Gosling Seemingly Break Up a Fight on Astor Place [EV Local]