The Week Ahead at Runnin’ Scared, In Court and Around Town


Good Monday morning! We’ve got quite a week ahead around town here at Runnin’ Scared, especially in the courts. Here are some of the stories we’ll be following closely.

Mary Ward, the 82-year-old facing eviction in Bed Stuy, is scheduled to continue talks with 768 Dean Inc. today. We are told that no marshall is scheduled for today, but could be scheduled as early as tomorrow. Still, Organizing for Occupation has vowed to create another human chain around Ward’s home whenever necessary, as they successfully did on Friday, and they’re organizing “A Call for Reconciliation & Justice” at Ward’s home at 9:00 AM this morning. We will be on Russia Today this evening talking about the story that has captured the imagination of new outlets worldwide. Here’s a link to the bankruptcy ruling that led to Ward’s eviction.

Speaking of debts, we’d hoped to talk to Lt. Dan Choi about the $3,250 the government is trying to shake out of him for breaking his contract with Uncle Sam and getting himself kicked out of the military by intentionally outing himself. However, before we could interview him, he got himself arrested, again. Chained to the White House, again. (This makes four times in total by our count.) However, this time he was arrested over a gas pipeline, not something particularly LGBT related. We’ll try to talk to Choi’s lawyer, Yetta Kurland, to get some insight into his reasoning when he’s already facing sentencing on his last White House arrest. Until then, we’ll have to rely on his final pre-arrest tweet:

Joe Sudbay of AMERICAblog says 70 protestors were arrested on Saturday and are being held until today, a length of time he describes as “not normal procedure.”

Choi’s in Washington, and so is our friend Chris Geidner of Metro Weekly. We’ll be interviewing him about his excellent weekend reporting on the Obama administration’s latest legal decisions involving gay marriage, DOMA, and immigration.

Equan Southall, the man accused of murdering transgender immigrant Camila Guzman, will be appearing in New York Criminal Court today before a Grand Jury. The proceedings will be closed to the public and the press.

On Wednesday, gay activist Robert Pinter will be facing off against the City of New York and the NYPD in Federal Court. Pinter was arrested for prostitution in 2008, when he says he agreed to have consensual sex with someone he met at Blue Door Video, who turned out to be an undercover cop luring him into a string. Pinter has long maintained his innocence, and the case was dismissed in 2009. However, the city is appealing. Oral arguments are scheduled in the case for 11:00 AM, August 24, at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Courthouse and are open to the public.

There will be no more Verizon protests to stumble upon, for now, anyway. The 45,000 striking Verizon employees will go back to work today, as the corporation and the Communications Workers of America head back to the bargaining table.

And that’s what we’ll be looking at in the week ahead. Stayed tuned! And if you have any tips on the above, get at us.

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