Upper West Side Building Gets Its Own Postage Stamp


The U.S. Postal Service has recently gotten into Facebook and social media and stuff, in an effort to “reach broader, more diverse audiences,” and also, perhaps, because they are kind of broke, and now they’re releasing an array of new stamps, previewable by those means. One of these new Earthscapes stamps should be of particular interest to New Yorkers because, instead of representing glaciers and icebergs and volcanic craters and cranberry harvests (not that those things aren’t awesome), it is of skyscraper apartments, the very sort of thing some of us live in.

From the USPS, in the photo taken by Jim Wark, “Endless rows of balconies and windows dot the Manhattan cityscape. In this detail of a photograph, the camera’s telephoto lens compresses the distance between the towers of a high-rise apartment complex on the Upper West Side.”

Mark Saunders of the USPS reminds us that this is not the first time a New York building has been on a stamp — the TWA Terminal and the Chrysler Building both have stamps, for example — but says that this particular skyscraper photo was chosen to “complete the variety we were looking for and add geographic diversity, urban and rural diversity to the stamp pane.”

Congrats, Upper West Side! You are now in the same league as Elvis. Also: It would be kind of cool to have your own building on a stamp, even if you just end up mailing it to yourself because everyone else is on email.