Why Are The Republican Female Stars So Awful?


The men are no prize, either, I know, but it seems like whenever the Repub ladies grab the spotlight, the things they say and do are so extra-embarrassing they set back the cause of women by centuries.

For years, Sarah Palin humiliated herself with bad, self-serving decisions, dumb pronouncements, and hypocrisy, creating what I was sure was the high watermark of Republican idiocy.

But then came Michele Bachmann, with her twisted viewpoints and loony husband, and suddenly Palin didn’t seem quite as bad (if still perfectly ghastly, mind you).

Well, even Bachmann’s been topped, as it were.

Last week, witchy Christine O’Donnell walked off a TV show because she couldn’t figure out how gay marriage was a relevant topic to discuss — and by the way, she spent more time sputtering about how she wouldn’t address it than it would have taken to do so — convincing me that this party feels so lowly about women that it only fosters the dummos.

(By the way, could it be possible that O’Donnell wouldn’t talk about gay marriage because she hasn’t read her book so she doesn’t really know what it says about it?)

Anyway, it’s sad that these three harpies are bringing out the misogyny in everyone and making everyone head back to the testosterone.

At least we Democrats have Hillary — and she has a foxy new hairdo, by the way.