Box House Hotel in Greenpoint As ‘Industrial Chic’ As It Gets


Does the above picture look like any hotel you’ve ever seen? Does it look more like, say, an industrial warehouse or a factory or something? If you look closer at the outside of it, like Miss Heather of New York Shitty did, you’ll find that it also contains a boutique hotel.

As per the website, the hotel is located in “Industrial chic” northern Greenpoint:

Not a hotel in your traditional sense, but what we offer are gorgeous designer loft apartments available for rental, either weekly or monthly. Very private. Located in the Industrial chic area of North Greenpoint. Walking distance to the Vernon-Jackson 7 train ( 1 stop from Grand Central station) or The Greenpoint avenue G train. 24 hour car service available to the Bedford Avenue L train and the exciting North Williamsburg entertainment and Restaurant section. Great location to explore Brooklyn by bike, as you are minutes from Williamsburg and Long Island City as we are located on one of NYC designated Bike routes going along the East River.


Standard Suite 600sf
Weekend (3 night/ Fri.-Sun.) $500
Week $800
Month $2500

City View Suite 650sf
Weekend (3 night/ Fri.-Sun.) $525
Week $875
Month $2800

Duplex Suite 800sf
Weekend (3 night/ Fri.-Sun.) $550
Week $925
Month $2950

Two Bedroom Suite
Per Night $225
Week $1500
Month $4950

It’s not that the prices are out of the ordinary for New York hotels. But if you’re staying for a month in the city and don’t want to spend astronomical Manhattan hotel fees, why wouldn’t you just sublet someone’s apartment? Look at the two-bedroom suite. Almost $5K? You could sublet a two-bedroom for a month in that area for probably $2500 or less. The Box House Hotel’s manager Dana Schneider did tell us that “It’s definitely a similar market” (i.e., people who stay at the hotel and people who sublet someone’s apartment for a few weeks).

Speaking of the area: “I was laughing my ass off when I saw it,” said Miss Heather on the phone today. “The location is horrible.” This is where it is on the map. Miss Heather describes it as a “used-condom’s toss from the Newtown Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility.” And according to someone familiar with the area, “you should set aside a fortnight” to get anywhere in Manhattan (really it’s probably about 30-45 minutes — still a bit much for tourists).

Heather was walking by a few days ago and noticed the hotel for the first time. (The sign is very small). She saw that the certificate of occupancy now included a hotel as well as a factory and an office showroom. According to Schneider, the hotel has been around since March and has 11 rooms. It was previously office space.

Heather suggested that the Box House is simply a symptom of how “it’s gotten to the point where it’s more lucrative for people to rent out these apartments as a hotel than full-time to a tenant.” We can’t say whether or not this building was ever intended to consist of full-time apartments, and manager Schneider told us that it isn’t zoned for residential use. It is interesting, though, to ponder who is staying in there (an “extremely mixed clientele,” according to Schneider). Is it hipsters looking to be off the beaten path? Out-of-towners who underestimate the out-of-the-way-ness of the spot? No offense to this hotel — the rooms are lovely — but has staying in New York on a short trip become so exorbitantly expensive that people must still shell out huge sums to stay in old factories at the very tip of Brooklyn?

Miss Heather thinks this is all just a sign of a changing neighborhood. “I think Greenpoint is undergoing a quicker split between rich and poor than the East Village did,” she said.

[via New York Shitty]