Cake vs. Shake Joins Milk Burger in the Blatant Rip-Off Hall of Fame


Looks like someone’s picking up where Milk Burger left off.

Visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art are most likely aware of Cake & Shake, the bright blue cart that peddles a wide variety of cupcakes and milkshakes. As DNAinfo reports, Mohammed Gaber, the creator of a new cart called Cake vs. Shake, seems to have been aware of it, too: As his cart’s name suggests, he’s also selling cupcakes and “premium” milkshakes. Gaber claims that while he was aware of other cupcake carts, his idea was his own, and stemmed in large part from his family’s love of baking.

One of Cake & Shake’s owners said that he’s in the process of trademarking his two-year-old company’s name and may consider legal action. According to the Cake & Shake website, its products are made with organic ingredients and its van runs on biodiesel. Although we have no idea what’s powering Cake vs. Shake’s van, its claims to originality seem to be running purely on hot air.