Earthquake Reports in D.C., NYC


Did you guys feel it, too? We’re hearing reports that there was magnitude 5.8 earthquake initiating in Mineral, Virginia. It was felt in DC…and moments ago, we felt shaking at the Village Voice headquarters in Manhattan, as did people in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the city — to as far away as Boston. The shaking seems to have subsided, but we hear they’re evacuating the Pentagon, and the NY Senate confirms shaking in the capitol building. More as we have it…If you felt it, report back! Updates after the jump.

-The FDNY told us they’re getting a lot of calls from concerned citizens, but they have no reports of injuries or damages at this time, and didn’t know of any building evacuations.

-USGS has upgraded the quake’s magnitude to 5.9. Here’s the map of the epicenter.

(As of 3:37, the magnitude has been downgraded back to 5.8)

-There are no subway, Metro-North, or LIRR disruptions reported so far in New York City, according to the MTA, via Mike Grynbaum.

-We’re hearing that some buildings have been evacuated, for instance, our neighbors at 30 Cooper Square, and the offices of 24/7 Real Media at 132 West 31st Street (they’re now back in the building), as well as buildings in Times Square and Soho. Also, the Brooklyn Public Library (they’re now back, too). And the Ikea in Red Hook!

-Other reports of (temporarily) evacuated buildings include Soho between Grand and Broome and BET’s office in Times Square, as well as at least one NYU lab. An eyewitness tells us that the streets of Soho were full of people, as were local parks. A photo from the scene:

-Cell service is, for what it’s worth, shaky. According to @CraigatFEMA, “FEMA is monitoring reports from the #earthquake, cell service is busy in DC, try to stay off your cell phone if it is not an emergency.”

-Via Daily Intel, here is what may be the calmest earthquake video you’ve ever seen.

-Sam Champion says this is the strongest earthquake in Virginia since 1897, via USGS. Also, the National Mall monuments and memorials have been closed and evacuated, and 2 nuclear reactors have been taken offline in Virginia. There’s no damage reported.

-We hear flights are grounded at New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia airports. Maybe not for long, though…

-Indian Point reports no issues, says both plants are operating at full power.

-“The earthquake was felt on Martha’s Vineyard, according to a White House pool report, but it’s unknown if the president felt it.” (via The Hill) Also: The White House was evacuated. Update: The White House and nearby evacuated buildings, as well as the FBI and Justice Department, have been reopened, says the Secret Service.

-Mayor Bloomberg will update New Yorkers about the quake at City Hall at 4 p.m. (He’s confirmed by Twitter that there are no reports of major damage/injuries in New York City at this time.) There’s a statement from him here.

-Bloomberg, for the record, “said he had felt the tremors but assumed they stemmed from extensive renovations underway inside City Hall.” (via the New York Times)

-There’s already an NYC earthquake Tumblr. That makes it funny, right?

-Oh, and FYI: The Atlantic Wire points out that California and Nevada have had 339 earthquakes in the past week.

-Hey, at least you weren’t on the roof of the capitol building during the earthquake.

-People “should be prepared to feel aftershocks from Tuesday’s earthquake, a U.S. Geological Survey official said,” reports CNN.

-Er, the Washington Monument might be “tilting”?

Survived the earthquake? There are SPECIALS!

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