We Recap the Best Recaps of Things Said About the Earthquake on the Internet


Gucci Mane avoiding commenting on the earthquake because he understands that combining pop culture with current events is lazy comedy less than a minute ago via web GucciDoinThings

Congratulations everyone, we survived an earthquake. Everyone stopped what they were doing, DSK included, to comment on the aftershocks that rattled NYC only briefly. But the real damage came after the fact, when we were subjected to hundreds upon hundreds of bad jokes via almost all of our social media platforms. That’s not to say we didn’t make them too, but enough about us. We were too slow to get together our favorite tweets, or status updates, or Tumblr posts about the earthquake (you could also argue we just didn’t have the patience to sift through all the horrible ones, and for that, we salute our media counterparts who did!) so instead we’re recapping our favorite “Best Earthquake Something or Others,” a list of lists. It’s so meta we feel a little nauseated, or is that another aftershock? Whatever.

Recap: 20 Stunning Photos Of The Damage Caused By The East Coast Earthquake
Why It Wins: Risky move with the title, Buzzfeed! Imagine if someone’s house is totally mangled, or the Washington Monument falls over in the next hour or so! Then you guys will look like total jackasses, so we salute you.

Recap: Washington Post’s The Best Earthquake Tweets
Why It Wins: They went so far as to include their own tweets! Pretty confident of them, we think.

Recap: Huffington Post’s “New York City Earthquake On Twitter: Hipsters, Your High School Girlfriend And Ryan Gosling (PHOTOS)”
Why It Wins: Not content to settle for just a list, they turned it into a slideshow! That’s some smart pageview mining, right there.

Recap: The Awl’s “How A Bunch Of People With Twitter Accounts Reacted To The Earthquake”
Why It Wins: With an opening like this “Since everything that happens must now microblogged within seconds of — if not actually during — its occurrence” how could we not love Alex Balk’s apathy? Very nice job of sounding bored about current events as they happen (no shots! We mean it)

Recap: Flavorwire’s Twitter Reacts to the East Coast Earthquake
Why It Wins: This had the most of our favorites, too. That Oprah one is hilarious, isn’t it? And also, Max Silvestri going in with the Jada/Will jokes! Sad.

Recap: The Daily Caller’s Best Celebrity Tweets About The Earthquake
Why It Wins: It includes Leighton Meester’s tweet where she retweeted us. Did you see Leighton Meester retweeted us? Yeah, we’re pretty big time over here.

Recap: Boston Daily’s Top 10 Boston Earthquake Tweets
Why It Wins: This was a sympathy vote, to be honest. Oh Boston, always second best to NYC. Valiant effort on their part, so we must award them some credit for thinking people would care what Bostonians have to say

Recap: The Fab Life’s “The 12 Best Ryan Gosling Earthquake Tweets”
Why It Wins: So. Goddamn. Topical.

Recap: Gawker’s “A Collection of Bad Political Twitter Jokes from the DC Earthquake”
Why It Wins: The Gawker team wins for picking something specific and doing a good job of following up. Plus, they explained some political jokes to us that went a little over our heads intially, giving us plenty of cocktail-party conversation fodder for the next 2 days, or whenever people get tired of talking about this

Finally, nods must be given to Alex Pareene for making the most lists of the best tweets about the earthquake. There’s a prize in there somewhere.

I think Chris Christie just jumped into the raceless than a minute ago via TweetDeck