5 Weird Ice Cream Flavors to Try in New York City


Crazy ice cream flavors is now a national trend according to NPR! Once confined to quirky food shops like San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe, the trend has trickled down to the mainstream. Earlier this year, Denny’s came out with its bacon-maple sundae, and Baskin Robbins debuted a French toast flavor (not über-weird, but still). So what are some of the most unique flavors you can find in New York City? Here are five contenders.

Wasabi — Sundaes and Cones in the East Village has several Asian-inspired flavors, like black sesame and red bean, but one of the more intriguing ones is the bright green wasabi flavor that packs a not-too-overpowering hint of heat.

Tarragon and Pink Pepper — At Il Laborotorio del Gelato on the Lower East Side, you can sample this refreshingly herbal flavor that’s less sweet than some of the fruity sorbets that the company is known for. But if you’re ever in need of a palate cleanser following a heavy meal, this is one to try.

LoxMax and Mina’s in Kew Gardens is famed for its wacky flavors, which range from ketchup to pizza. But probably the weirdest is the lox flavor, which combines vanilla ice cream with the smoked fish. Hey, you put cream cheese on bagels — why not?

Mastic — At West Village newcomer Victory Garden, you’ll find a frozen treat flavored with mastic, otherwise known as tree resin. Naturally, piney flavors shine, plus the texture is slightly chewier than most ice creams’.

Avocado — Perhaps not as unusual as the other flavors, avocado ice cream can be had at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. It’s thick and creamy and oh-so-rich.