Apparently, the Central Park Boathouse’s $8 Tap Water is “Filtered”


Pissed-off Central Park Boathouse workers mentioned the other day that the restaurant has been serving filtered tap water disguised as fancy bottled stuff for $8 for years. Well, now the management has written to Zagat saying that the water has been treated using the Vivreau filtration system, thus totally justifying the price.

For the record, the workers were “not at a slop sink refilling old plastic water bottles with tap water,” nor is it a “sinister operation.” In fact, the restaurant is trying to be ecologically friendly by producing the water on-site. OK, there seem to be some good intentions there. But the fact remains that no matter what kind of water you’re selling, if you’re charging $8 for it, you are, quite frankly, a sinister operation.