Though credited to one Olivier Megaton, the creative force behind Colombiana is undeniably producer/ co-screenwriter/ EuropaCorp mogul Luc Besson. More than any single person, Besson is responsible for popularizing what Colombiana embodies—weightless kinesis in international action filmmaking—and has produced a body of work filled with warrior women (La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element). The latest long-stemmed action figure off the line is Cataleya (Zoe Saldana), introduced as a child eluding assassins in a headlong rush down the hilly districts of Bogota in a standout set piece. The bulk of the film, however, takes place in the U.S., where Cataleya has trained as an assassin under her uncle (Cliff Curtis), grown to fill out an Irma Vep catsuit, and is leaving a trail of bad-guy corpses as a beacon and warning sign to her parents’ murderers. The action is recorded in the EuropaCorp house style of jittery monotony, never resorting to one camera setup when ten might suffice. The script has been approached as a great vessel to tumble clichés into: snide CIA men; FBI-procedural filler; “Never forget where you came from”; “You must expect the unexpected.” No, don’t. Possibly worth seeing if you are 13, as the hot Rihanna-looking chick shows sideboob. Nick Pinkerton