David Berkowitz, ‘Son of Sam,’ Wants to Stay in Prison, Just Like He Did 10 Years Ago


As luck would have it, we are all pretty much on the same page. Just as you probably don’t want to see convicted serial killer David Berkowitz (the guy known as “Son of Sam” who murdered six people, wounded seven, and terrorized New York City from 1976 to 1977) free and back on the streets, Berkowitz has written FoxNews to tell them that he’s not interested in seeking parole. This view isn’t particularly new: He wrote George Pataki a letter saying as much in 2002, and since, at regular paroling intervals, has announced he doesn’t want to be paroled. Berkowitz is 58, and, while serving six sentences of 25 to life at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York, has been denied parole already five times. In his latest anti-parole efforts, he wrote to Fox that he considers himself already a “free man” and believes he’s already been forgiven and pardoned by Jesus Christ.

Others, of course, feel differently. Like, for instance, Robert Violante, 54, who was shot by Berkowitz in July of 1977 (and lost his left eye, but survived), while on a first date with Stacy Moskowitz, who was also shot, and later died.

“He can say all he wants to say,” Violante said. “He knows he deserves to be where he’s at. He isn’t ever going to get paroled. He killed a lot of people.”

Berkowitz, who at one point claimed he’d been commanded to kill by a demon who possessed his neighbor’s dog, has been, according to the New York State Division of Parole, a “model inmate,” spending his time helping out at the prison’s chapel, reading the Bible, sharing his “story of redemption,” writing a journal that’s available online — maintained by a church group as he apparently doesn’t have access to a computer — and exercising. He says he regrets the tragedy and wishes he could change it. Alas, he cannot.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Son of Sam’ Serial Killer David Berkowitz Says He Won’t Seek Parole in 2012 [FoxNews]