Dish No. 44: The Blue Stove Bakery’s Cranberry Muffin


Yeah, yeah, we know. People don’t get excited about muffins, and often for good reason. If they’re not sickly sweet, they’re similar in consistency to bonemeal or packing material. And they also tend to be boring, the ugly stepsister to the cupcake. And that’s why the Blue Stove bakery’s cranberry muffin is a muffin to be savored and celebrated.

At the Blue Stove, big is beautiful: Every square inch of the pneumatic breakfast pastry is occupied by fat, juicy cranberries, and a tender, springy crumb. Its top is crunchy, deeply fissured, and sprinkled with just enough raw sugar to provide some textural intrigue, and so good that you’ll want to save it for last. But regardless of your plan of attack, you’ll come away thoroughly vanquished, and eager to come back for more.

The Blue Stove
415 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

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