Neon Marshmallow Festival To Come To New York City In October


The Neon Marshmallow Festival has been bringing a wide array of acts that fall under the “experimental music” banner to Chicago for a few years now, and it’s apparently time for expansion; Peter Margasak at the Chicago Reader reports that the fest will hold its inaugural New York installment at Public Assembly in Williamsburg from October 14 to October 16. (Margasak’s piece on the fest’s 2010 installment provides a bit of context: “Neon Marshmallow is unique in its devotion to the deep underground, where ultralimited cassette releases are the primary currency. The DIY aesthetic binds the sprawling lineup together more than any musical commonality–the artists performing cover a wide spectrum, from harsh noise to free jazz to warped pop to murky ambient to electroacoustic improvisation.”) Three-day passes are available on the Public Assembly site for the low price of $60, which seems like even more of a bargain when you factor in the hour of free-flowing vodka on Friday and Saturday. A list of currently confirmed performers after the jump.

Tim Hecker
Rhys Chatham
Phill Niblock
Alan Licht
Mark Fell
Loren Connors
Kevin Drumm
Rene Hell
Blues Control
James Ferraro
The Men
Xeno & Oaklander
La Big Vic
Palmetto Moon Electronic Group
Mandelbrot & Skyy
Joe Lentini
Ryley Walker

Veronica Vasicka
Ric Leichtung
Emilie Friedlander

Yr Friend Matthew
John Williams & Rebecca Gaffney

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