Ryan Gosling Astor Place Crime-Fighting Mystery Solved!


In a hilarious turn of events, journalism website OMGICU has located the woman who took the video of Ryan Gosling busting crimes on the streets of New York City, or someone who very much resembles Ryan Gosling, and interviewed her! In fact, it was Ryan Gosling, in so much as this woman, Valerie, is to be believed, and we’ll largely believe her, because we would like this story to be true. Of interest: She did not even know who Ryan Gosling was, until it was pointed out by her wife that this was the fellow from The Notebook. Watch her interview here! (She comes on at 2:45.)

Astute local blogger EV Grieve (and his astute readers) had pointed out that the inception of the Ryan Gosling celebrity justice program couldn’t possibly have happened as recently as last weekend, as initially rumored, because those Astor Place street cactuses (the colorful plastic things wrapped around light posts in the neighborhood) are not visible in the video. And he, and they, are correct! Valerie says it happened on June 24. Zip ties went up June 30th!

Also, it was a fight about a $10 painting. Ryan Gosling settled the debt! It was not staged! And, as Valerie herself points out, if she had stopped to call the cops, no one would have seen that video. Thank you, Valerie, for your good citizenship and the high standards herein exampled for future YouTube documentations. And thank you, Ryan Gosling, for yours.

Turns out, we love a solved mystery almost as much as we love a Ryan Gosling sighting.

Ryan Gosling at Astor Place [OMGICU]
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