Ten Years After the Fact, NYC Medical Examiner Identifies 1,629th Victim of 9/11


Today in amazing things science can do: the NYC Medical Examiner’s office has managed to identify the 1,629th victim of the September 11th attacks, 10 years later. Remains found at Ground Zero have been linked to 40-year-old Harlem resident Ernest James, an IT professional at Marsh & McLennan who died that day.

The forensic technicians of the ME used DNA evidence to link the remains to James, who was one of 350 employees of Marsh & McLennan to be killed in the attack. He had worked on the 88th floor of the north tower, the first building to be hit by a plane.

James fiancée Monique Keyes told WCBS2 that the ID’ing of his body brought her closure.

1,629 bodies have been identified thus far out of the nearly 2,800 who died. The Medical Examiner’s Office spokeswoman, Ellen S. Borakove, told City Room that “As long as there is technology available, doctors have made a promise that we would continue to try to identify people.”