This Week in the Voice: Vera Farmiga Confesses to Michael Musto


In this week’s issue of the Voice, Michael Musto talks to director/actress Vera Farmiga, who has adapted Carolyn S. Briggs’s 2002 memoir, This Dark World, into the film Higher Ground, an effort he says “restores moviegoers’ belief in 13 well-spent dollars, As God is my witness.”

Lisa Rab takes on the other Koch brother, meaning Bill, twin brother of billionaire oil baron and “sugar daddy of the Tea Party,” David Koch, who, with brother Charles, has given more than $100 million to right-wing causes and organizations. Bill Koch, on the other hand, “seems almost normal,” as billionaires go.

Harry Siegel addresses another Koch, Ed, and his endorsement of Republican Bob Turner in the special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s Congressional seat — an election that Koch has turned into “a nationally watched referendum on President Obama’s Israel policy.”

Maura Johnston writes about Ke$ha’s recent show at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach, and of the pop star’s singular ability to create a “celebration of recessionary filth that’s equal parts nihilism and carefree abandon, accented by copious amounts of glitter and lip stain in unnatural colors.”

Robert Sietsema goes to Qi, Pichet Ong’s new Eight Avenue establishment, which recalls Ong’s childhood in Southeast Asia. Will Ong keep this one open?

Elsewhere in food, Lauren Shockey visits The Beagle, a new East Village cocktail restaurant (and there’s food, too!).

In film, Melissa Anderson reviews Farmiga’s Higher Ground, and J. Hoberman discusses Tales From the Golden Age along with “Ostalgia,” the New Museum’ s current exhibit, which looks at the ways various East European artists coped with Communism, or the lack of it.

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