Vera Farmiga Wants To Kill Mo’Nique


Well, to be fair, I point-blank asked her, “Do you want to kill Mo’Nique?” (the woman who won the Oscar two years ago, when Farmiga was nominated for Up in the Air).

Farmiga’s answer will give you faith. She says, “I only wanted to kill Mo’Nique because …”

Nope, you’ll have to check out my lively cover interview with the Oscar-nominated actress to find out the rest.

We got together to discuss Higher Ground, the absorbing new film she directed and stars in about a woman’s crisis of faith as she finds being born again ain’t always worth the second coming.

Vera tells me:

*Why she refused to bash religion in the film

*Why she dropped out of the new Madonna movie

*What happened to the movie of Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge that she was going to star in

*And whether she’s really “the anti-Barbie,” as she once was quoted as saying

Her answer to that one will restore faith in Mattel products.