At Least One Man Has Gotten a ‘Survived the Quake’ Tattoo


In honor of surviving the earthquake on Tuesday (congrats, all of us!), Joe Khay at Citizen Ink on Avenue U in Brooklyn created a “Survived the Quake” tattoo, kind of as a joke. Surprisingly, someone actually got it. The tattoo recipient, Jonathan Berg, 21, has 14 other tattoos, so perhaps it was time to venture beyond the usual options. How many Calvin and Hobbes depictions can a man have before starting to take himself slightly less seriously, anyway? According to the guys at Citizen Ink, Berg is the only one who’s gotten the quake tattoo, as of this moment, but they have a few more customers lined up to come in and get it. Do not judge: We all heal in our own ways, including by inscribing things into our pale, fleshy waist-skin!

We had to ask, are natural disaster tats on-trend for fall? Citizen Ink told us, “We do all sorts of tattoos, some much weirder than others. This is one of the first earthquake tattoos we’ve done.” For the record, no one was being tattooed during the actual earthquake, and the guys in the shop assumed first that someone was just jumping up and down upstairs, until they realized the whole store was shaking. We had a similar experience.

So, will they do a hurricane tattoo? “I hope we don’t get a hurricane,” we were told. “But maybe!”

What commemorative natural disaster tat would you get? We’re thinking one of that time it rained and our shoes turned our feet black and then fell apart and we had to throw them away. Never forget!

Nothing Says “Survived The Quake” Like A Tattoo [Sheepshead Bites via NYDN]