Chez Panisse Is Now Available in T-Shirt Form


We always knew the day would come when Chez Panisse and the Hard Rock Café found they had something in common, and now that blessed day has arrived.

Because now, just like that other paragon of fine dining, there is a Chez Panisse T-shirt. In honor of her pioneering Berkeley restaurant’s 40th birthday celebration, Alice Waters has partnered with Levi’s and several artists and writers to create a line of limited-edition T-shirts whose proceeds will benefit Waters’s Edible Schoolyard organization.

As The Food Section reports, David Byrne, Sofia Coppola, Dave Eggers, and Maira Kalman have made their rather twee imprint on the shirts, which are, naturally, made from 100 percent organic cotton. They also come with tags that — and we are absolutely not shitting you here — are made of “handmade paper” “embedded with a mix of organic herb seeds that will grow almost anywhere,” should you decide to plant them. Hard Rock Café T-shirts, on the other hand, make pretty great dust rags.