Dîner en Blanc Attendees Split on Whether Dining in the Rain Is ‘Fun’


When we last heard from Dîner en Blanc, the organizers of the flash-mob picnic were busy apologizing to/refunding the money of jilted would-be ticket holders. And thanks to the weather, things haven’t really improved for the event, which is scheduled to take place this evening.

Over on the event’s Facebook page, attendees are busy exchanging tips for where to find clear or white umbrellas and ponchos that will adhere to the dinner’s all-white theme. It seems the Great Umbrella Shop next to Grand Central has “a ton of white umbrellas,” as does “the home ware store on 42nd between 8 & 9”; also, Union Square has “some fantastic clear and white umbrellas,” and “CVS for clear poncho!!!!”

There is, however, dissent among the ranks. “Rain + White clothing equals see-through and ruined outfits,” wrote one annoyed would-be attendee. “[A] lot of my friends are thinking of not coming to the event — MOVE IT INDOORS, PLEASE!!” “IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT FOR DEB TO GET AN ‘ELEGANT’ WHITE TENT?” asked another. “Holding an umbrella for 5 hours will not be fun!” quoth one more. And: “please postpone to tomorrow where it will be sunny skies. we want this event to memorable and not a shit show — pardon my french.”

But they seem to be outnumbered: “I believe when everyone signed up, it said rain or shine. It will be a magical evening even in the rain,” reads a typically upbeat comment. And no one is more optimistic than the organizers themselves: “In 23 years, it never rained at a Dîner en Blanc. Friends, be confident. Everything will go fine.” And if it doesn’t, they’ll no doubt leave New York as they arrived: apologizing profusely.