Men Prefer Brunettes


Today in news that you can share with all of your mousey, muddy, or raven-haired friends, finally conquering those years of blonde-envy that have been eating you up inside, MEN LIKE BRUNETTES THE BEST. This groundbreaking study was done by the social network site Badoo, which asked 2,000 British guys what they found most attractive, lookswise, in the opposite sex. 60 percent of the men liked brunettes better than blondes. There you go, then. These particular men liked redheads least. Poor gingers. Except, anecdotally, men who like redheads really like redheads, so that helps.

There’s other uplifting news here, as well. These men liked “average” sized ladies, as opposed to waify salad-eating types. They liked blue eyes, followed by brown, green, and hazel. Badoo also ran the study in France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and the U.S., and, get this: Only Frenchmen liked their woman super skinny, and “not one of the countries surveyed expressed blonde as their favourite hair colour.”

Brunettes: Your day in the sun has finally come. Just don’t stay out there too long, you might get highlights, and that would ruin everything.

Gentlemen DON’T prefer blondes: What men REALLY want is a brown-haired, blue-eyed size 14 woman [Daily Mail]