Tony Bennett’s Duet With Amy Winehouse


Tony Bennett has always liked the kids.

He’s toured and duetted for years with k.d. lang, a seemingly bizarre combo that turned out to be perfectly magical.

And now he has a Duets II album coming out, one of the tracks of which might come off a little too “Unforgettable” for words because the duetting partner now happens to be gone.

The 85-year-old legend crooned “Body and Soul” with rehab-a-phobic Amy Winehouse four months before her death, and the bittersweet result is out there for your delectation.

On Sunday’s VMAs, Tony will lead a tribute to Amy, whom he loved working with, especially since she reminded him vocally of Dinah Washington. (The comparison made the Brit chantoozey light up since Dinah was an icon of hers.)

I personally would like to do a duet of “What a Difference a Day Makes” with Dinah, but if so, I’ll keep it to just my closest circle.

The track of Tony and Amy is for the world.