Board of the Hurricane


At West Village clothing store Bonpoint, a crew measures plywood prior to putting it up over the window. Hey, is that Snoop Dogg on the left?

Pick-up crews in panel vans are just beginning to fan out across parts of downtown New York, doing something you’ll be seeing a lot more of later today and tomorrow: using plywood to board-up expensive storefront windows against breakage, and hopefully discourage looters should the worst scenario occur.

An employee of Prince Lumber in Chelsea loads a van with sheets of the cheapest grade of plywood.

Meanwhile, the last remaining lumberyards of such neighborhoods as Soho, the Lower East Side, and Chelsea are pushing big stacks of plywood out onto the sidewalks to facilitate its sale to waiting vehicles. For some businesses, Irene will be a bonanza.

At Prince Lumber in Chelsea, there’s plywood aplenty.