Dish No. 42: Unadon with Pickles at Ramen Takumi


Yes, the big bowls of brothy noodles are the namesake dish at Ramen Takumi (90 University Place, 212-229-2752), Greenwich Village’s more overlooked ramen shop. But we can’t help but be smitten with the unadon (barbecued eel), which comes garnished not with the measly one or two bites of pickles as at so many other Japanese restaurants, but rather a bounty of salty, vinegary, beautifully hued delights.

The $12.95 eel comes slicked with sauce over a generous portion of white rice, along with four different types of veggie pickles, seaweed salad, and mock crab meat. The acidity from the pickles nicely balances the sweetness of the barbecue sauce while also adding a nice crunch. When you want a homey Japanese lunch, look no further.

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