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As we head into what may very well be a watery weekend, we look back to days spent on drier land …

Battle of the upscale tuna sandwiches: Épicerie Boulud v. Untitled at the Whitney.

How to stock up for Irene: a gourmet guide to food hoarding.

Our 10 Worst Contemporary Restaurant Trends.

The early word on Chuko, now open in Prospect Heights.

Frank Bruni takes aim at Anthony Bourdain, misses the point.

Some reviews of new fast-food items that you may or may not want to eat.

JBird’s Marshall Altier offers his two cents on “how to booze.”

R.U.B.’s Paul Kirk talks about barbecue, patience, and life.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is coming back to NYC.

A report from the New Amsterdam Market’s Ice Cream Sunday.

Make the grilled vegetables with balsamic-maple dressing that Paul Kirk serves at R.U.B. BBQ.

Yep, people do indeed have sex in restaurants.