Rats May Fill the Streets, But the Animals at the Zoo Will Be O.K. in a Hurricane


You know we are suckers for adorable animals in trouble, and, as such, we could not help thinking about the adorable animals at the zoo as we were wondering whether or not we actually have to make a go-bag, and, for that matter, where would we go? The good news: The animals at the zoo, including the brand new cavy (what’s a cavy? Find out here) will be O.K.! The zoo people are on it! Jim Breheny, WCS Senior Vice President of Living Institutions and Director of the Bronx Zoo, said in a statement, “The Wildlife Conservation Society has been preparing this week for Hurricane Irene. WCS operates the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and the New York Aquarium. We are working to secure all of our parks and are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our animals, staff and guests. Our inventories are fully stocked, and we have sufficient supplies to last through the anticipated storm. We will update the media and the public about potential closures of the zoos and aquarium.”

As for the animals not at the zoo, they might be flocking to the streets.

If this recent HOLY SHIT rat photo from the Marcy Houses is any indication, now we are scared of this damn hurricane.