Bloomberg’s Response To Irene: My Thoughts


Mayor Bloomberg has been incredibly vigilant and cautious about our city’s response to Hurricane Irene, no doubt partly because he was criticized for blowing off that blizzard mess that lingers in the memory.

But a couple of his recommendations make him seem like he needs to go out more and meet actual New Yorkers.

The other day, the mayor suggested people just go out for a nice dinner rather than just sit around and fret.


Does he know how many New Yorkers live three to a bed and share a can of pork and beans for dinner?

They only go out — to McDonald’s — once a year for Christmas, and in this economy, they don’t even spring for fries.

Gathering at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant at the St. Regis to allay their fears isn’t really in their top 1,000 options.

More recently, Bloomie said that if the winds escalate, people on the upper floors of high rises should just go down to a lower floor.

Maybe he’s on to something, but should they just lie down in the hallway? Sit in the lobby? Bang on people’s doors and say, “Hi! I’m from the 16th floor! Let me in!”

It doesn’t sound practical.

Maybe he needs to go down to a lower floor, metaphorically speaking.

But then again, he’s mayor and I’m just a brayer.