Subway Service Has Been Terminated, Now What?


Well, you blew it. You knew the MTA was suspending service but you had to finish that one last game of Madden before you abandoned your Zone A apartment. Now you can’t take the F Train to your buddy’s place in Flatiron to drink beers and sit away from windows. Don’t say, “I’ll just take the bus for the first time ever.” Those are shut down too, pal. Apart from waiting out the storm (which the city has told you not to do), your options are limited.

Look outside, it’s not too bad, right? Well, this evening it promises to get pretty hairy, so if you want to walk to a shelter or a friend or relative’s place, start heading out now. Try to avoid crossing bridges as they might close and are dangerous during a storm. The evacuation of Zone A residents was issued for 5pm at the latest, so be sure to arrive at your destination before then. Also, biking is especially risky during high winds and heavy rain.

All yellow taxis will be implementing a zone system for rides today. They will be allowed to take groups, and will charge $10 per person within each zone and $5 for each additional zone. Manhattan is divided into two zones at 60th street and other boroughs count as one zone. It is also important to dedicate 40% of your diet to carbs, 30% to fats and 30% to proteins (but that is a different, equally effective Zone system). Be aware that cab services may stop running during the height of the storm this evening, but you should be inside by then anyway.

Well, it’s an option. Not that we recommend it, but it would make for a great story. “Back in the storm of ’11 I hitchhiked to the Baruch shelter on the back of an old F-150.” Sounds cool. Unfortunately, the one thing worse than hurricanes is getting stabbed to death, so we advise against this mode of transport.

Here is a list of all the evacuation centers across New York. Here is the zone map to determine whether of not you need to get the hell out of your domicile.

Stay safe, people.