The Sexual Bright Side Of Hurricane Irene


If you’re wacky enough to go out at the height of the storm, you might not find any bars or restaurants open, but at least whatever action there is on the street, you will totally rule.

You will surely be the king/queen of any street you go on because no one else will be daft enough to even consider being there.

And if there is someone else on the street, you will have no competition whatsoever in bagging them for a roll in the wet hay.

You’re the only choice! This is everyone’s fantasy! All the hotter people are home being wusses!

Plus the others on the street are crazy — remember? — so they’d obviously be game for anything.

So go on, kids. Go out and get fucked!

I’m gonna do it. I will finally be the hottest one in the room!

(Thank God I thought this through. All those earlier anxieties are washed away and now I’m lubing up for a good time.)