11 People Shot at Queens Party


Gunfire erupted at a goodbye party for a Queens girl early Saturday morning, injuring 11. The Daily News reports that the party was taking place in a South Jamaica backyard when a gunman fired through a chain link fence. A 15-year-old girl was shot in the back and is paralyzed after the bullet severed her spine. 10 other young people were injured, “six males ages 15 to 23, and five women, ages 15 to 21.” Police are investigating after finding 9-mm. bullet casings at the scene.

Allan Dawkins, who hosted the party, told the Daily News, “IDs were being checked and everybody was being searched through the front, so he [the shooter] probably came in, seen somebody he had issues with, went home and got his gun.”

Dawkins was throwing the party for his little sister who was moving to Washington. He advertised it on Facebook as, “Free Food, Free Drinks, Live Video, photos, Drama Free.”

Teen girl paralyzed, 10 others wounded after shooting at party advertised as ‘Drama free’ online [NYDN]