Don’t Expect to Ride the Subway Tomorrow Morning


After being shut down since noon yesterday, subway service doesn’t look like it will resume in New York until “well into” Monday, the Post reports. It takes the trains about eight hours to get up and running again, and that does’t take into account the flooding that is expected to have occurred in subway tunnels. Besides flooding, downed power lines “wreak havoc” on MTA signals and they have issued a warning reminding people that the third rails may still be carrying a current even if they appear to be shut off or submerged in water.

Local airports are expected to begin inbound service Monday as well, but some delays should be expected.

The US Postal Service will be continuing service tomorrow: they only missed the last hour of their scheduled delivery service on Saturday because of the storm.

Trains and buses won’t be up until ‘well into’ tomorrow, creating messy morning commute [NYP]