This Photo of Alleged Irene Subway Flooding Is 15 Years Old


The above image has been making the rounds on Twitter and the rest of the information superhighway today. It is purported to show flooding in the Times Square station after Hurricane Irene. Don’t get too excited: The photo is 15 years old. An MTA spokesperson told us, “It’s not photoshopped — it’s an old photo, probably a water main break about 15 years ago. The train at the left is made up of R40 cars which were retired two years ago.” The MTA did send us real photos of flooding, check them out after the jump.

These are N Line tracks in Brooklyn at 86th Street:

Here is a mudslide covering Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line at Spuyten Duyvil. If you could never pronounce “Spuyten Duyvil,” have no worries, it is now under a thick layer of mud:

And finally, the Ossining Station under overflow from Sing Sing Creek. You can see the third rail poking above the water. Look, don’t touch:

Let this be another reminder that subway service is probably going to be a mess tomorrow, so plan ahead. Bus service is expected to be the first public transportation option available, so click that never-used “Bus Only” button on HopStop and start planning.