7-Eleven Coming to the Bowery


Fans of Slurpees and suburban desperation can soon look no further than 351 Bowery, where a 7-Eleven will be the next tenant. It’s only a couple blocks from our office and a stone’s throw away from the Bowery Poetry Club. If Bob Dylan was dead and with-it enough to know what a 7-Eleven is, he’d be rolling in his grave.

Neighborhood blogger EV Grieve was walking along today and spotted the plans for the space sitting on a desk near the window.

The 7-Eleven will be at the base of 52 East 4th Street, the luxury 15-story condo building. A rep from Core Group, which sold off all the residential spaces in 52 East 4th, couldn’t give us any information on the new convenience store tenant.

It’s not news to say that the Bowery is gentrifying, but this is pretty overtly Times Square-esque. The plus side is that we employees of the Village Voice will be able to easily participate in Free Slurpee Day.

[EV Grieve]