Bobby Flay Goes on Entourage, Grosses Everyone Out


We’re already more than a little unnerved by the way Bobby Flay makes love to the Food Network’s cameras (and advertisers), so feel grateful that we didn’t see last night’s episode of Entourage. As Eater has noted, the chef did a cameo on the HBO show as the paramour of Ari Gold’s estranged wife. The pair appear in, of course, a kitchen making dinner together. “It’s important that the knife is flush,” Flay says to Gold’s wife before dispensing with food preparations to suck on her neck. Fortunately, he’s interrupted when Gold storms in, yelling, “Hey, Grillmaster! … I’ve got a new show for you. It’s called Boy Meets Husband Who Kills Him!” Scott Conant also had a brief cameo on last night’s episode, but managed to keep it in his pants.