Here’s What Gaga Should Do Next


A member of the ’70s vocal group Labelle once told me that they broke up because they could no longer top their outfits and entrances.

There was nowhere to go but out!

For a while, I’ve felt that Lady Gaga might end up facing a similar problem. (No, she wouldn’t break up as a result of it, but she could conceivably break down.)

So, playing the vaguely Pacinoish (and Annie Lennox-ish) Jo Calderone on the VMAs last night was a very clever way to lose all the accessories yet flaunt a whole new persona, albeit one that grew a bit tiresome.

Gaga was wearing meat again — but this time it was in her pants.

But I want to propose something even more radical for her next incarnation.

For her own sake, here’s what the woman needs to do next time …

Present herself with pulled back hair, light makeup, and a little black dress.

Promote an album called The Songwriter on which she simply sits at the piano and sings heartfelt tunes of her own making, as well as slowed-down, sincere versions of her pop hits.

And don’t talk at all.

This would be a great palate cleanser that would establish her as someone who doesn’t need the shtick — though she probably shouldn’t throw out all those headdresses just in case.