Listen To The Wild Flag Album, Because It Will Make Your Day A Lot Better


Post-Irene malaise got you down? Bailing out your basement? Bummed that the subways came back just in time for you to go to work in the AM? Still trying to erase Jessie J’s histrionics from your mental audio loop? Why not check out the spectacular album by the megagroup Wild Flag—Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss from Sleater-Kinney, Mary Timony of Helium/general guitar heroics, and Rebecca Cole of the Minders—which is currently streaming at NPR two weeks in advance of its release. It’s a corker, with Brownstein and Timony trading off on vocals over songs that pop and bend and feel urgent and alive from start to finish, and it’ll very likely help pull you out of whatever Monday-morning/hurricane-significant-other-related doldrums you might be experiencing at the moment.