Make BONDST’s Mugicha Float, Like Chef Marc Spitzer and Mixologist Warren Hode


With the hurricane behind us and the sun back out, it’s time to enjoy what’s left of the summer. Might we suggest doing so with a homemade version of BONDST’s Mugicha Float? Executive chef Marc Spitzer collaborated with house mixologist Warren Hode on the recipe for this boozy dessert (or is it a spoonable cocktail?), which the two share here.

“We were looking to make a great summertime classic drink. An upscale adult version of a root-beer float was one idea we were toying with,” says Spitzer. “We wanted to have all of the familiar flavors but with more depth, so that’s where the barley-infused bourbon comes in. It gives the drink a real earthiness. The sake ice cream topped off with fresh root beer and root-beer leaves help bring it all together. A classic reborn.”

Mugicha Float by chef Marc Spitzer and mixologist Warren Hode, of BONDST

For the Barley Tea-Infused Bourbon:

In an airtight container, place two bags of mugicha (Japanese barley tea) in 1 liter of your favorite bourbon, and infuse overnight at room temperature.

For the Float:

2 ounces mugicha-infused bourbon
2 dashes Aztec Chocolate Bitters
organic root beer, to top
3 scoops ice cream
1 sassafras (root beer) leaf, to garnish

In a mixing glass, combine the bourbon, bitters, and some ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into a tall glass and top with a little root beer, leaving room for the ice cream. Add three small scoops of your favorite ice cream, garnish with a sassafras leaf, and serve.