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Metro-North to Resume on a Sunday Schedule for Lower Hudson and Lower Harlem Lines (Updated)


Metro-North, hit hard by Hurricane Irene, is starting to make a comeback. The MTA has just announced that service will resume at 2 p.m. today on a Sunday schedule (off-peak fares are in effect). Note that this is for the Lower Hudson and Lower Harlem Lines only. Because of signal and third-rail issues and water damage, the New Haven, Upper Hudson, Upper Harlem, and New Canaan, Danbury, and Waterbury Branch Line Services remain suspended. Crews are still working to clear tracks and repair infrastructure. Port Jervis and Pascack Valley Line service also remains suspended.

Some further details, via a statement from the MTA:

On the Lower Hudson Line, a regular Sunday Schedule will be in effect between Grand Central and Croton-Harmon only beginning with the following trains:

Inbound Departures from Croton-Harmon:
• 2 PM from Croton-Harmon; all stops to Grand Central
• 2:34 PM from Croton-Harmon; limited stop express to Grand Central

Outbound Departures from Grand Central:
• 2:20 PM to Croton-Harmon; all stops to Croton-Harmon

On the Lower Harlem Line a regular Sunday Schedule will be in effect between Grand Central and North White Plains only starting with the following trains.

Inbound departures from North White Plains:
• 2:01 PM: North White Plains & White Plains, then Express to Grand Central
• 2:08 PM: All stops to Grand Central

Outbound Departures from Grand Central:
• 2:25 PM: All stops from Fordham to North White Plains
• 2:48 PM: Express to White Plains/North White Plains

Check the full train schedule at the MTA’s website. Marjorie Anders, spokeswoman for the MTA Press Office, says they’re hoping to return to a normal weekday schedule tomorrow but “are trying to get a few successful runs under the belt before saying for sure what will happen tomorrow. Stay tuned.”

Update: As of 4:00, Metro-North expanded its service to include the Upper Hudson Line and the entire New Haven Main Line. Service continues on the Lower Harlem Line only.

Upper Harlem, New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury, Port Jervis and Pascack Valley Lines remain suspended.

Update 2: Tomorrow, Metro-North will resume regular weekday service for 85% of a.m. peak customers, with service on the entire Hudson Line, entire New Haven Main Line, and the Lower Harlem Line as far as North White Plains.

Service remains suspended on the Upper Harlem and New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury branch lines, East of the Hudson River, and on the Port Jervis Line west of the Hudson River.

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