New York Had One Hurricane Fatality; Overall, Irene Took 24 Lives


New York City may have had one fatality as a result of Hurricane Irene, a storm that’s mostly been viewed as underwhelming. A 68-year-old Bronx man named José Sierra was found floating yesterday in the Sunset Marina in Broad Channel, Queens the marina in City Island. Cops believe he kept a boat there and arrived at the marina yesterday morning at 8 a.m. — the height of the storm. His body was spotted in the water at 4:40 p.m. He is believed to be NYC’s only Irene victim.

While Irene took one New Yorker’s life, it wreaked a lot more havoc elsewhere, killing 24 people overall in eight states (including a 15-year-old girl). Much has been made of how the media overreacted to the storm, but that’s a lot of people.

Meanwhile, the storm’s aftermath isn’t quite over. Millions remain without power up and down the East Coast. Both Vermont or in the Catskills are experiencing severe flooding. Via CNN, a description of the devastation in bucolic Vermont: “Some of the worst flooding since 1927 ravaged Vermont’s normally tranquil countryside, turning babbling brooks into turbulent rivers, knocking homes from their foundations and washing away a young woman who had been standing near the river in Wilmington.” In general, the cost from wind damage alone is estimated to be $1 billion. Even Jersey saw serious flooding. So don’t complain if the subway is a little messed up today; we got off easy.