The Jesus And Mary Chain Reissue Entire Catalog, Tack On Bonus Tracks Galore


Today in reissue news: Glasgow’s Jesus and Mary Chain are re-releasing (or really, re-re-releasing, since they did this once in 2006) all six of their albums as double-CD, single-DVD sets. In other words, if you elect to purchase Psychocandy, their stoned, “Be My Baby”-aping debut, you’ll also get, in order of appearance: six B-sides (including “Boyfriend’s Dead,” another girl-pop-in-hell style number), the “Upside Down”/”Vegetable Man” single that preceded the album, 11 songs recorded over three radio sessions with John Peel, nine demos, two outtakes (including the often bootlegged “Jesus Fuck”) and a DVD with three music videos and six television appearances. The complete set might cost you a good portion of your next paycheck, yes, but it’s also a lot cheaper than moving to Seattle or Scotland or wherever else you’re going to find this much gloom.

You can preview all six records with this nifty player or peruse the remarkably thorough 30-page booklets that I guess we’re still supposed to refer to as “liner notes.” The one for Psychocandy has interviews with everyone down to Murray Dalgish, the drummer for that original single and nothing more, and Darklands‘ has oddities like a list of six songs that Jim Reid said were influencing the band at the time. (Number 1: Dusty Springfield’s “Give Me Some of Your Lovin'”; Number 2: The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”)