Times Square Slip ‘N Slide Evokes Memories of Childhood, Tetanus Shots


Oh, come on, people! We know you’re fun-filled and carefree, ready on a moment’s notice to turn hurricane lemons into a brotastic opportunity for a rollicking good time, but this is one of those things that just…ew. Why would you do this? Please, we really want to know. Couldn’t you have just gotten in your bathtub and flopped around a few times?

Along with the video above, which we now enjoy/decry by way of Animal NY, there is this romantic photo making the rounds and making us want to slather ourselves in Purell.

If you are or know these people, please get in touch. Also, do yourself a favor: Make a doctor’s appointment. Better safe than sorry.

Times Square Irene Slip ‘N Slide [Animal NY]