Women Who Get a Lot of Botox Are Being Judged by Society


In a delightful new study, it has been determined that women who get so much Botox that they can no longer make normal facial expressions or appear basically human may not be viewed so positively as women who “age naturally.” The University of Toronto embarked on this study, which looked overall at the ways women attempt to battle aging — by avoiding the sun, using moisturizers, getting injections, and having their faces “done.” Ultimately, the less a woman tried to aggressively mess with her face and what it was inevitably going to be after years of living plus gravity, the more that woman was seen as someone people wanted to hang out with, and probably hug occasionally, given the right relationship.

According to studies done with both relative youngsters with an average age of 18, and senior citizens averaging in their 70s, the Botox-and-aging-obsessed were seen as “vain and cold,” while the moisturizer-users and sun-avoiders were given the benefit of the doubt, being so dewy and all.

Could this be a turn in the age-obsessive culture we’ve got going? Or, is it just that women who are always getting Botox and facelifts are kind of scary and also not all that fun to hang out with, unless you, too, are always getting Botox and facelifts, because then you have something to talk about, and someone to hold hands with in the plastic surgeon’s office?

At any rate:

All of the participants felt more warmth toward the women who didn’t use Botox, believing they were less vain.

Something you should know when considering Botox: Botox has the creepy side-effect of making the Botox-recipient less able to read another’s emotions, because it “dampens” muscle signals from the face to the brain. Which sounds, to our untrained ear, even more frightening that someone dubbing you vain and cold. But no matter about that! The point is, if you use a lot of Botox, people won’t like you as much, which is really the point of using Botox in the first place…right?

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