You May Return to Paying Your Regular Fares and Tolls Now, Says the MTA


In response to an array of queries from commuters, on Saturday, the New York Times addressed the question of whether there would be any retroactive accounting on unlimited MetroCards — would commuters get an extra couple of days on their already-paid-for cards to make up for the shutdown? The answer reported at that time was no — and that, for the record, fares had been waived and tolls suspended for evacuation purposes. Now, in keeping with the overall back-in-business nature of things with regard to most of the transit system (if not Metro-North, some LIRR service, and NJ Transit), the MTA has announced that the overall toll/fare policy is back to normal.

In a statement, the MTA said,

“We’re glad that we were able to waive some fares and tolls to assist in the orderly evacuation process over the weekend. The MTA’s normal fare and toll policy has now been restored.”

And, no (we asked again): You will not be reimbursed for the estimated $3.50 you lost during the outage.

However, we’re hearing that you can currently get on the B or C from 86th Street for free because turnstiles are broken. Get on this, stat! Who cares if you’re working from home today? This is your moment.