Aging Wine Underwater; The Battle Over Buffalo Bill Beer


Gilt Taste, the discount luxury shopping website specializing in artisanal and specialty foods, has now launched Gilt Taste Wines, offering wines from small estates in France and California. [Wall Street Journal]

Cigar City Brewing, in Tampa, specializes in beer aged in Spanish cedar, which is what humidors are typically made of, imparting a cigar-like flavor. [USA Today]

Piero Lugano makes sparkling wine in the traditional Champagne method on the Italian Riviera. But with no place to store it, he ages it under the sea. [NY Times]

Two brewers in Cody, Wyoming, are fighting over the right to the Buffalo Bill name. It’s Buffalo Bill Cody Beer vs. Buffalo Bill Beer. [Wall Street Journal]

After testing it in select markets, Guinness is gearing up to roll out its new Guinness Black Lager on September 1, just in time for football season. [Luxedb]

As a world leader in sales of nonalcoholic beer, Spain is a model for European brewers looking to boost their market share in that sector. [Wall Street Journal]