Anthony Bourdain Apologizes to Paula Deen, Sorta


Anthony Bourdain was a guest on the Leonard Lopate radio show yesterday and addressed his widely discussed spat with Paula Deen, most recently criticized by Frank Bruni in The New York Times. He still “[stands] by the substance of what [he] said,” but offers a sort of apology for how it came out.

He said, “I feel bad — I stand by the substance of what I said but I certainly think it came across as more crass, personal, and just plain nasty than I intended it. That said, is it necessary to serve a bacon cheeseburger between donuts? Is this what America needs right now?” The rest of the interview explores the usual topics so favored by the No Reservations host: Alice Waters’s elitism (which he can appreciate to some degree — after all, who doesn’t love France?), the annoyances of the Food Network, and the need to demonize Ronald McDonald to his four-year-old daughter, plus a reaction to the “psychodrama” that was Alan Richman’s M. Wells dinner. All in all, a good listen filled, naturally, with choice quotes from the mouth of Bourdain.