Chocolate Is Definitely Good for You, Says Science


File under “The Best News We’ve Heard All Day”: Some wonderful, wonderful people in Britain analyzed studies of more than 100,000 subjects and concluded that high levels of chocolate consumption are definitively linked to a substantial reduction in the risk of a whole host of cardiovascular disorders.

Per The New York Times, the report, published yesterday in the British journal BMJ, showed that those who consumed the most chocolate enjoyed a 29 percent decrease in their risk for stroke and a 37 percent decrease in their risk of any cardiovascular disease. There was no demonstrated benefit to the risk of heart failure or diabetes, but hey, you take what you can get.

The study’s lead author is of course behaving like every other scientist who has done research on the benefits of chocolate by reminding us that this isn’t an excuse to overindulge. Whatever, Ebenezer Scrooge. This only further whets our appetite for the magnificent slab of Icelandic dark chocolate currently cooling its heels in our pantry. In the meantime, we’ll celebrate the news by turning things over to Tina Fey.