Cupcake Stop Goes To the Mall, May Become Sunglass Hut of Cupcakes


Staten Island might not be able to attract a food truck to save its life, but it might not be the food that’s the problem. Maybe it’s just the truck.

According to Crain’s, the Staten Island Mall will soon house an outpost of Cupcake Stop. The popular, if at times embattled, sweet-treats purveyor will sell its goods at a 10-by-12-foot kiosk in the mall, where, as Cupcake Stop CEO Richard Kallman says, “Cupcakes will be displayed like jewelry.” Staten Island isn’t the only mall in Cupcake Stop’s future. Kallman says that General Growth Properties, which operates the mall, would like to feature similar kiosks in malls across 43 states. Might we have another cupcake chain on our hands?